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Dominic “Farmer”

Nell, Executive Director 

Dominic Nell is a photographer, activist, and farmer-chef focused on healing communities through various mediums. Nell aka @nellaware helped tell the true narratives of the Baltimore Uprising in 2015 via photojournalism and video. 

 In 2016, Nell spearheaded the #ToyGunRaid, a replica gun removal initiative in variety and corner stores in West Baltimore, which led to a Baltimore City policy to charge fines to stores that carry toy guns. Also in 2016, Farmer Nell created CityWeeds, a healthy food and urban farming business that grows microgreens and creates cold-pressed juices. CityWeeds’ youth empowerment program, BeMoreGreen, operates out of The Food Project in southwest Baltimore. Nell is often referred to as a "Renaissance Man," but he is just merely a man of service. Farmer Nell is planting seeds of independence and sustainability, while Chef Nell is feeding minds and growing leaders.

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